A – Z challenge: C is for Communication – Spa Zuiver (part 1)

letter in dutch copy

Do all Americans speak Dutch?

Suppose you had reserved a night at an exclusive hotel abroad, and you lived in Miami, USA.  When the hotel sends back the confirmation letter, what language would you expect it to be in? (Let’s assume that your reservation email had been in English, since you don’t speak Dutch.)

My friends, who made a reservation at the exclusive Spa Zuiver, just sent me this email, because they, of course, could not make heads or tails of the letter. Ironically, they themselves run a very successful hospitality business of their own.

Customer Service = Communication

“I just live here,” I want to tell my friends, and although I’ve been trying exceedingly hard to work on the level of customer service in this country, there’s only so much I can do. It’s exceedingly frustrating to me that here, in this very modern and tourist oriented country, an international tourist can’t get a confirmation email from a world class hotel in English. I considered what to do, (since although I am working on ‘acceptance’ in my life, there are still times where I think I really must take action).

My options: Call Spa Zuiver, send them an email to let them know what I think of how they’ve treated my friends, or write this blog.

  • I did call, but got a very long and confusing voice mail system that told me (at 20:30, while the spa is open until 22:30), that there was no one at the Spa who could take my call.
  • Send an email? I thought – hmmm. Is it my business to tell them how to run their business?
  • So, in the end, I decided to write this blog, and I really hope that Spa Zuiver will take notice.


I love this Spa, and I visit it when I can. But please, dear Spa Zuiver people, ask your staff to write confirmation letters in ENGLISH when they are sent to people who live abroad.

PS. After I wrote this – we visited the Spa, and guess what, it wasn’t quite a day in paradise… to read about that misadventure – go here!

Lo entiendes?

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