Russian Doll inside: Holding the trauma of our past to live more fully in the present.

I deelt identify here with that being triggered… have been trying to figure out what led to my work burnout. While my private life seems safe and stable, it’s possible
There are things there underlying that I’ve been avoiding dealing with. “Don’t rock the boat “ if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

An Accidental Anarchist

Many people including myself have had experiences that make feeling vulnerable or intimate a bit more overwhelming than it needs to be. Maybe you had experiences at school being bullied, with parents who were unavailable for support, an abusive or painful heartbreak which left a trail of mistrust and fear.

RussianDolls Image courtesy of Bradley Davis (CC BY-ND 2.0)

When we encounter a current situation that might resemble one of these experiences, those past feelings can get stirred up and leave us feeling confused, anxious, angry or feel that we want to keep people away. For myself at times like this I usually don’t feel ‘like my-self’, with feelings that seem unsafe to express to anyone except those I feel close to and they aren’t always available to talk. I have found that the feelings can affect my immune system, my digestion; supressing my appetite or make me clumsy (although to…

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