Yoga: Bouncing back from burnout

Yoga: Bouncing back from burnout

Yoga with Adriane!

She doesn’t give up, this girl.

Today, she had me horizontal,

On her pink yoga mat

On the carpet

In front of the TV,

Adriane telling her what to lift and when.


I liked the horizontal feeling,

Although it was harder than the bed.

I love bed.

Curling up on the memory foam mattress.

Quilt surrounding me.

Feeling him not too far away, his warmth,

His steady breathing.


I like it best when she lets me lie flat on the bed,

Her behind sinks in deeper,

Into the mattress.

Her head into the pillow.

I keep straight, well, as straight as I can

A line between neck and behind

But then he tells her,

“You’re snoring”

and she makes me turn on our side.

And after a while, I feel all crooked

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