Poem: Now I am a Cat

Ash Edmonds – courtesy of Unsplash

Today is the day

I resolve

To be a cat.


Soft and relaxed,

Arching my back – slightly –

In between naps


Paw pads so soft

Claws not even

faintly manicured


Fur is rumpled

I give myself a little lick

Just for propriety


Slow down,

Take a dainty step


Sit and gaze




By the birds outside

Remembering my cat dreams

I just awoke from

Purring to myself.


I breathe in deeply

And sigh a kitty sigh

Wiggle my whiskers

Stretch and lie down

Right where I am.


Under the beam of sunshine

Shining in through the window

On top of the floor heating.


I am safe

All is well.


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