Not Elevated, Somehow Saved

Once I stood, years ago, at the top of the Toronto CN Tower, where they installed a glass floor, just for fun. I peered at the tiny people below, the mini cars and buses and felt myself falling through the glass, flying, falling, speeding like a bullet into the sidewalk below, and just before it was too late, I glanced up – upward, back in the safety of the room full of tourists and the small family I was left with. My husband, the father of my children, and my one remaining child, a girl. A little girl, still sucking her thumb, not understanding what had happened in her world, not realizing the depths beneath her, as she bravely stepped across the transparent surface, and I held my breath until she reached the other side and grabbed my hand.

Thanks to Sarina Furer and the supportive writing group you’ve created!

Thanks to Smit Shah for a lovely photo on Unsplash

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